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The Klas Telecom baseband Voyager product line combines best in class Cisco routing and switching technology with custom designed, innovative technology and features to become the hub of your tactical, on the move, and command post communications.

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As depicted here with night vision goggles, the GRRIP provides network communications and access to mission command applications, as well as supporting calls-for-fire and MedEvac requests. These terminals provide secure and non-secure communications to forces operating in austere and demanding environments such as embedded training teams and other small units that do not have access to the network equipment and infrastructure of established forward operating bases.

Pioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC-15) Keeps Coalition Network Running During Retrograde

In an article released Tuesday, April 1, U.S. Army PEO C3T reports that the Klas Telecom Global Rapid Response Information Package (GRRIP) solution, also known as the Pioneer Express or AN/PSC-15, will provide continuity of operations as the troops leave Afghanistan and save the government approximately $900,000 a year. A sampling of the article: “As U.S. and coalition

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